Deep within the heart of Africa lies a great paradise, a land so uniquely placed and endowed by a pure breath of nature’s golden seed.

A land unmatched in beauty, so blessed, engraved within writings and memories of great men of old. Uganda is the land that carries a true definition of a tourism destination. And Uganda your perfect tourism dream of all times.

From the historical allusions of Ptolemy, down to the famous voyages of the great explorers, the discoveries of John H Speke, the marvels and reports of Henry M Stanley, Uganda has always been a land so sought. And the fact is that this land has a hidden treasure.

 A land that carries an adventurer’s dream, a vacationer’s longing and a land that pulls an explorer’s vision. A land baptized “The Pearl of Africa. “Uganda your perfect tourism dream.

Uganda is home to a profile of tourism diet, from the frontline of the Equatorial savannah and Tropical rainforests, diffusing a climatic condition that is so uniquely hot and wet, from which the numbers of wildlife unmatched in ten national parks and 12 game reserves thrive.

 A broad day safari opens you to the world of the Big 5 fighting for dominance over in the jungle and imposing their influence onto the Eco-system decorated by so many wild game. A dive into the misty jungles of Bwindi brings you into a magical encounter with the Mountain Gorillas.

Uganda prides itself in being home to 52% of the World’s endangered Mountain Gorillas. And while this is exciting, the setting of Netflix’s top rated documentary series; “Chimp Empire” is a true definition of a primate planet.

The forests of Kibaale are known as the “Primate Capital of the world”. The gift of nature provides refuge onto which wildlife thrives. This simply explains why Uganda is has over 1000 bird species, variety of primates and mammals.

Uganda is an endless adventure. The terrain crowned with standing ranges, the snow-capped Rwenzori, the Virunga volcanoes, that give mountaineers and hikers a lifetime challenge, with valleys and gorges toppled below, characterized by caves, crater lakes, waterfalls and jungles, thrill seekers are all sorted.

Jinja tourism city, home to the source of the Nile is the Adventure capital of the world. Home to the best rapids popular for Whitewater rafting, to Bungee jumping, water sports, name it, and for cuisine lovers, a taste of the mouthwatering Nile Perch fish fresh from the source.

 Crowning the Nile is the Majestic Murchison falls, the World’s most powerful, whose roar sounds across the plains of the Savannah, and the open paradise, Uganda’s largest national park. Share the delight of abseiling in Elgon region on the Sipi falls, one of the best falls in Uganda.

Safari lovers have no better place to encounter the Big 5 than the open savannah grasslands in Uganda, where the buffaloes can be spotted facing off with their mortal enemies, the lions, or elephants that rule these lands with their size imposing their dominance over the ecosystems and the Giraffes ruling the skies and savoring the green at top trees where no other mammal can reach.

And the best sight, the lions of Queen Elizabeth National park climbing trees and you would assume that the leopards wouldn’t like it, as you sight these spotted cats illusively walking in the tall grasses as though there was no danger at all to scare them.

 A game drive in our parks is a marvel, at any time, any day gives you an opportunity to judge the race between the Cheetah and Ostrich in Kidepo Valley, or the large herds of buffalo, the Uganda kobs, antelopes, the majestic Zebras, Topi, elands, Hyenas, Jackson’s hartebeests, among so many game in our numerous parks and reserves.

Enjoy a gentle and touching moment of nature’s conservation and rebirth at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, a place where the endangered and threatened Rhinoceros is being protected.

When it comes to birding, Uganda is a sanctuary, a true definition of a birding destination, a true birder’s haven. With a checklist of over 1000 bird species, Uganda is home to over 50% of Africa’s bird species list and 11% overall in the world.

 With over 30 Important Bird Areas (IBA’s) that include the National parks, game reserves, wetland and bays, Ramsar sites and forest reserves, a birding package can take you for weeks, or even months.

 With more than 440 bird species, Semuliki national park is the True Birder’s haven. 23 species are endemic to the Albertine rift and over 35 are Guinea-Congo forest biome. Queen Elizabeth National park is among the top 6 areas with the highest bird species checklist, given its small size with over 600.

 Uganda’s bird species are distributed all around in each corner. Each of the Parks has hundreds on the checklist. Mabamba wetland bay has Africa’s most sought bird called the Shoebill. This can also be seen in Toro-Semuliki Game reserve.

Uganda is a cultural melting pot. With over 56 tribes, the cultural experience is found nowhere else in the world, from food to dance, to dressing, to entertainment, cultural events and customs that have been embedded and passed on to generations from time immemorial.

 From restored historical kingdoms like Buganda, Bunyoro, Toro, Busoga whose history is richly inherent from the great empires of the Chwezi and Tembuzi, to the East, the land of the Bamasaba where the great event of Imbalu is born, across the plains to the Acholi and Luo.

Race past the open semi-arid plains to the great pastoralists of old, the Karamojong’s, into the Mountains of Morungole and meet the unique original people of the Ik.

 The South Western Part has the historical Pygmies, believed to be the original settlers of this interlacustrine region.  The importance of food to culture is so rich. Enjoy local delicacies that define the unique styles of cooking that have been passed on from ancient times like the Luwombo from Buganda, Eshabwe of Ankole, Kalo (mingled Millet bread), and malewa from fresh bamboo shoots in Elgon.

 Significant in cultural preservation are the Restored thrones of kings and chiefs. These cultural groups have cultural sites and monuments that have been so important in preserving history.

Kasubi tombs, a UNESCO world Heritage Site in Buganda has conserved great architectural history of Buganda and is a burial ground of 4 Kabakas, and more than the physical aspect are the intangible values of belief, spirituality, continuity and identity, according to UNESCO.

Nyero rock paintings in Kumi, Bigobyamugyenyi in Ssembabule and a great number of sites all carry rich cultural history that defines why Uganda is a land that is built on and defined by culture and why this culture gives birth to the DNA of hospitality and friendliness.

Uganda is a destination whose treasure is simply a beautiful symphony of nature whose exploration rhymes with a heartbeat that sings of a longing for adventure and a sanctuary that exudes an air of a perfect destination that for so long has wandered in any traveler’s mind. Make your dream come true today and visit the Pearl of Africa. With world blossom safaris Uganda.