Saving for a safari to Africa with World Blossom Safaris or any other travel company requires planning and budgeting. Here are some ways to save for your safari:

  1. Start a dedicated savings account: Open a separate bank account specifically for your safari savings. This will help you track your progress and prevent you from dipping into the funds for other purposes.
  2. Set a savings goal: Determine how much money you need to save for your safari, including transportation, accommodation, meals, park fees, and other expenses. Set a realistic savings goal and establish a timeline for achieving it.
  3. Create a budget: Review your monthly income and expenses to identify areas where you can cut back or save. Consider reducing discretionary spending on non-essential items like eating out, entertainment, or shopping. Allocate the savings towards your safari fund.
  4. Plan and book early: As you mentioned, booking your safari tour earlier can sometimes lead to cost savings. World Blossom Safaris, like many other travel companies, may offer early bird discounts or promotional rates for those who book in advance. Keep an eye on their website, social media, or newsletter for any special offers or deals.
  5. Consider group travel: Traveling with a group of friends or family members can help reduce costs. Group rates may be available for accommodations and transportation, and you can also split expenses such as vehicle rentals or guides.
  6. Save on flights: Keep an eye out for flight deals or discounted fares. Sign up for airline newsletters, or contact world blossom safaris for your cheap fares ,set fare alerts, or consider using flight comparison websites to find the best prices. Flying on weekdays or during less busy travel periods can sometimes result in lower fares.
  7. Prioritize your spending: Evaluate your spending habits and determine which areas are essential and which can be reduced. By prioritizing your spending, you can allocate more money towards your safari fund.
  8. Remember, saving for a safari takes time and discipline. Be patient, stay committed to your savings plan, and enjoy the anticipation of your upcoming African adventure.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Shalom Kiyimba 4 days ago

I had a good time at Etanda....world blossom to the world

Jamila Namarome 02/01/2023

I had a great time at Griffins falls...and all the packages were good

Nshuti Austin 02/01/2023

I have to confess this but yo World Blossoms has the best services in both Uganda and East Africa❤️

john chris 24/dec/2022

I have travel all over the world but I have never experienced such a wonderful experience i got with world blossom safaris ltd .you people are extremally professional. thanks for creating memories in my life .i highly recommend everyone to travel with world blossom safaris ltd

Mugisha Ali 02/01/2023

Am Mugisha Ali from Rwanda have come to testify .I had a 10 days family trip with world blossom safaris ltd, to Murchison falls. Ziwa rhino .Kidepo and Sipi falls in Kapichorwa, but these people are the best, your tour guide and services are really good. thanks for creating memories in my in my life and family

Lydia blessed 24/dec/2022

World Blossom Safaris Uganda is an outstanding safari company that offers exceptional services to tourists. Their experienced guides, commitment to sustainability, and diverse safari packages make them a top choice for anyone looking for a memorable safari experience in Uganda would recommend world blossom safaris for the better tour in Uganda. Thanks blossom safaris